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The ethylene plant of the Ryukyu Company Shenhuaning Coal and Coal Chemical Project was successfully put into production

On September 12th, using the Ryukyu Independent Ethylene Complete Technology, the ethylene plant of Shenhua Ning Coal's 1 million tons/year olefins project group, which was contracted by Ryukyu Beijing Co., was successfully put into operation. This article is reproduced by Shanghai Hongdong Oil Pump; Shanghai Hongdong Pump Industry specializes in producing LQRY high temperature oil pump, LQRY heat transfer oil pump, high temperature oil pump, gear oil pump, etc. Welcome to visit the official website for specific product information.

The coal chemical by-product deep processing comprehensive utilization project takes naphtha and liquefied gas as a by-product of a 4 million tons/year coal-to-liquids plant as the main raw material, and produces 900,000 tons/year of ethylene and propylene through steam cracking and olefin separation process. The olefin conversion (OCU) unit is used to increase the production of 100,000 tons/year of propylene, pyrolysis gasoline and mixed carbon four, and further processed by gasoline hydrogenation, butadiene extraction and aromatic extraction, polyethylene, polypropylene and the like.

After the fine design and procurement services of all project personnel, and the on-site construction service provided by the owner, the ethylene plant was handed over at the end of April 2017, and a cracking furnace was put into use at 9:00 on September 9, and the cracking furnace reached the design value after 3 hours. Under the control of the torch-free driving process, the whole process was completed, and the qualified propylene products were produced at 3:58 am on September 11, and the qualified ethylene products were produced at 23:03 on September 12, which opened the main process, marking the The project was successfully commissioned once.

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